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HB Bakery Connection
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Office Hours:
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Thank you for your interest. At the present time we are not adding anymore bakeries to our database.

A Unique gift idea for that personal or corporate occasion
from the oldest and most established Telecake Cake Delivery Service since 1987!

You can be a part of this established national WIRE-A-CAKE service and increase your business!

Wire-A-Cake/HB Bakery Connection nationwide cake delivery service is unlike any other telecake service. There is NO annual membership fee to join. Our service is known as the "FTD" of cakes!! We operate through a nationwide network of bakeries servicing cities all across the USA. All orders are baked up fresh and hand delivered from the local bakery that services the recipient's address. It's simple...when your customer inquires about the service, just refer them to the 800 number and leave the rest to us. And when we get a call for delivery in your area, we will contact you.

There are NO competing bakeries in the same area and YOU determine what your delivery boundaries will be.

Gift Cards:

We provide gift cards to all bakers free of charge. We dictate the customer's message and on the reverse there is space for you to promote your bakery thus generating local business from the recipient.

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

How much does it cost to join Wire-A-Cake/HB Bakery Connection?

Nothing, there are NO fees for the bakers to join and participate. We just need a reliable bakery that will provide a superb product and quality service to our customers.

How many cake orders can I expect from Wire-A-Cake/HB Bakery Connection?

We can not anticipate how many orders you will receive because we do not have control over the ordering process. Sometimes we talk to bakers on a daily basis other times the contact is less frequent.

How much notice will Wire-A-Cake/HB Bakery Connection give me for cake orders?

We like to have 3 - 5 days notice to give you however the majority of our orders are last minute same or next day orders. Orders are written up and faxed to you or phoned in if you do not have a fax with as much notice as possible. We are a service oriented business and we try to accommodate all orders. If you are unable to fill an order then we will make arrangements with an alternate bakery.

What will Wire-A-Cake/HB Bakery Connection pay for my cakes?

We pay retail price for the cakes along with delivery fee which you determine.

How and when will I receive payment from Wire-A-Cake/HB Bakery Connection?

Payment comes from our office. When we are dealing with bakers who accept credit cards then our corporate number is offered. If not, then payment is by check and it is usually sent within a day or so of the ordering date. If we have multiple cakes then we ask that you invoice us for practical purposes.

How far away will I have to deliver?

You determine the delivery areas you would like to go to. Some bakers travel within a 5 - 10 mile radius others will travel farther. It's up to you. You are never asked to go farther than you like.

What if I do not offer delivery but I want to provide the cakes?

Ideally the participating baker does offer delivery however in certain cases we may be able to arrange for pickup through a local delivery service. Our preference is to have you deliver your special creations.

Am I restricted to certain delivery times?

No, when we take an order we get an approximate delivery time with a minimum 2 hour window and then we ask that you call the recipient (for residential deliveries only) the day prior to confirm the time depending on your schedule. This is necessary because the cakes can not be left at the door. If your a making a delivery to a business then it is not necessary to call ahead unless you need directions because there will be people present to accept the cake.

When I call ahead how will I keep the cake a surprise?

We suggest that you identify yourself and say that you have a "special delivery for the occasion" and that it is perishable and someone must be present to receive it. If the customer insists on knowing what is coming (after you have done your best to keep the surprise) then we must tell them so they will not be alarmed.

Is there bakery support available to me should I run into a delivery complication?

Absolutely,we are available to you should a problem arise during delivery hours. We always suggest that you take our 800 number along on each delivery just in case you need us.

What if a customer of mine calls me to wire a cake to someone?

Tell them that you are part of the Wire-A-Cake/HB Bakery Connection nationwide cake delivery service and you can refer them to our 800 number. We handle everything from there.

Don't miss this opportunity to join in! Email Us cake@wireacake.com

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